Friday, 23 April 2010

Anglican Global South Encounter in Singapore Wraps Up

In their latest newsletter The Anglican Network in Canada communications folk have done an excellent summary of the results. The Anglican Church of Canada features prominently although not in a good way. For example, the Global South Primates call for:
  • A condemnation of the continued defiance of the clear teaching of Scripture by the Anglican Church of Canada and the US Episcopal Church.  (See section #16)
  • An expression of solidarity with Archbishops Mouneer Anis (Jerusalem and the Middle East), Henry Orombi (Uganda) and Ian Ernest (Indian Ocean).  “[We] are encouraged by their decision not to participate in meetings of the various Instruments of Communion at which representatives of The Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada are present”.  (#17)
  • A request that all Global South provinces that have not officially declared they are out of communion “reconsider their communion relationships with The Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada until it becomes clear that there is genuine repentance”.  (#18)
  • An assurance of love and prayerful support for the “Communion Partner” bishops and the orthodox Anglicans they represent within the Episcopal Church. (#19)
  • Embrace of the ACNA. “We are grateful that the recently formed Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) is a faithful expression of Anglicanism. We welcomed them as partners in the Gospel and our hope is that all provinces will be in full communion with the clergy and people of the ACNA and the Communion Partners.”  (#19)
  • A desire to strengthen and rewrite the proposed Anglican Covenant. “We are currently reviewing the proposed Covenant to find ways to strengthen it in order for it to fulfill its purpose. For example, we believe that all those who adopt the Covenant must be in compliance with Lambeth 1.10. Meanwhile we recognize that the Primates Meeting, being responsible for Faith and Order, should be the body to oversee the Covenant in its implementation, not the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion.”  (#21)
  • A desire to restructure the Anglican Communion.  “We believe that there is a need to review the entire Anglican Communion structure; especially the Instruments of Communion and the Anglican Communion office; in order to achieve an authentic expression of the current reality of our Anglican Communion.”  (#22)
  • Also, perhaps of symbolic significance, the Archbishop of Canterbury is mentioned in the paragraph devoted to the ecumenical speakers at the meetings. (#6)
Find the whole newsletter with lots of helpful links here

I hope the Anglican Church of Canada will pay attention and turn back from its present course at the General Synod in June.

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