Saturday, 10 April 2010


The The Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) Primates have weighed in on the confirmation of Mary Glasspool as suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles (GAFCON was a seven day conference of conservative Anglican bishops and leaders held in Jerusalem in June 2008).

I like the way they define themselves as a body determined to:
give witness to the life transforming gospel of Jesus Christ and the trustworthiness of the Bible.
Then, on the topic at hand:
We acknowledged that the issues that divide our beloved Communion are far from settled and that the election of the Reverend Mary Glasspool, a partnered lesbian,  is a Bishop in Los Angeles in The Episcopal Church (TEC), makes clear to all that the American Episcopal Church leadership has formally committed itself to a pattern of life which is contrary to Scripture.

This action also makes clear that any pretence that there has been a season of gracious restraint in the Communion has come to an end. Now is the time for all orthodox biblical Anglicans, both in the USA and around the world, to demonstrate a clear and unambiguous stand for the historic faith and their refusal to participate in the direction and unbiblical practice and agenda of TEC.
The Anglican Church of Canada is also being cited as having committed itself to patterns of life which are contrary to Scripture. Our General Synod in June could be significant in this regard. Uganda's Primate Orombi has called the Archbishop of Canterbury not to invite the US Presiding Bishop and Canada's Primate Hiltz to future Primates' meetings because of it all.

So how does one "demonstrate a clear and unambiguous stand for the historic faith"? By making one's beliefs known to one's leaders. By participating in the councils of the church and by speaking out in favour of biblical and historic principles and by not voting for resolutions which take us away from such principles. By treating the people who are personally struggling with these lifestyle issues with compassion and love.

I'm sure there are other ways.

Read the whole statement here. H/T The Anglican Essentials Blog

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