Thursday, 8 April 2010

Of Beatles, Stones and Nostalgia

Thanks to my good family I've spent the last week wallowing in nostalgia. For my birthday they gave me Amazon gift certificates with which I bought these beauties: 

Released in 1963 and 1964, they are the first four of the "official canon:" the 12 original albums released in the UK. 

I've been driving around town grinning and listening and having memories of university days with Jude. Ah, me. I once had the vinyl versions, of course, but they're long gone. What a treat to hear it all again. The entire Please, Please Me album was recorded in 26 hours on a two track machine. Mono. Then came the technoid wonders of stereo, overdubbing and four track recording. What presence and energy in the performances!

I also bought these: 

…the first Stones albums I owned, more or less. Living in New Zealand at the time meant that we got the UK versions of the albums, some of which had different track listings. The Rolling Stones Now! album came out in NZ as The Unstoppable Stones with this cover: 

Vinyl originals sell in NZ for US$100 or so. 

They all look so young. But, then, so did we…

At the Knox College Fall Ball, I believe. Ah, memories. 


  1. OH MY GOSH you two are just toooooo cute!!! And good on ya for the acquisition of those albums - just one more reason you are hands-down the coolest priest I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

  2. So you two were a cute couple! Where have the years gone? When did we see you last? and those albums bring back so many memories - you remember Eleen and I saw the Beatles live! of course you did but there's nothing wrong with mentioning it again! And now at the end of September I will be retiring - Well mate there goes yout life!!

  3. I still have a bunch of Beatles albums on vinyl. (Some on the Apple label). I don't have anything I can play them on, though!!