Saturday, 4 September 2010

A Short Wedding Sermon: Slow Marriage (with reference to I Cor 13 and Mt 5.1-9)—for Andrew and Sara Cocks

I’ve been hearing about something called the slow food movement lately. The slow food people say something like this about what and how we should eat food: don’t eat it if you can’t pronounce the ingredients and don’t eat if if you can’t cook it in your own kitchen, if it won’t rot and if people weren’t eating it before 1900.

I think there should be a slow marriage movement in which is built on the love Paul writes about in the reading from 1 Cor and lived out in the way Jesus describes in Matthew.

Without love, wrote the Apostle Paul in the reading from Corinthians, we are and we gain nothing. What’s more, the love Paul writes about is patient, it remains. In other words, this love is slow.

Slow marriage uses words you can pronounce, and which we heard in the Bible readings, like love, kind, protect, trust, meek, mercy, pure, peace.

Slow marriage and slow love happens in our own “kitchens,” our own hearts and relationships. It’s do it yourself and can’t be prepackaged. It’s about growing up into, from childishness to adulthood, romance and chemistry to deep friendship and companionship, meal by meal, day by day, kindness by kindness, child by child, disagreement by disagreement, apology by apology.

Slow marriage needs no artificial preservatives to keep it from going bad. The relationship needs to be keep fresh by practicing real, slow love.

Slow marriage comes from way before 1900. From the very beginning, in fact, one of the very first institutions God created in Genesis, the very first book of the Bible. One man, one woman, one flesh.

So Andrew and Sara, you’ve both been trained in your jobs to be fast. Sara, as a cashier, to whip those items through as quickly as you can. Andrew, as an auto mechanic, fix em fast. Forget that when you go home. Resist the temptation to speed things up and have a fast love marriage. Slow and steady wins the race. Slow marriage built on slow love results in good, joy filled families and golden wedding anniversaries.