Friday, 29 April 2011

Taps: My Cross Platform Intercessory Prayer

Here's how I manage my intercessions these days. I no longer carry a paper notebook for jotting down prayer requests or prayer points that come to mind during my day. Now my prayer list resides in a couple of simple apps which sync (it's a miracle!) in the "cloud" (appropriate when I think that God not only led the children of Israel but also appeared to Moses in a cloud).

The core app for my intercessions in the cloud is SimpleNote:

As the name implies, this app is a stripped-down text editor which runs on both my iPhone 3Gs and my iPad. When I add a prayer point or request in SimpleNote on my iPhone, it also appears on my iPad within a moment or two; and vice versa. A few taps and it's on my list.

SimpleNote also syncs automatically and almost immediately with Notational Velocity, another simple text editor, on my MacBook.

In my list, there are prayers for Council of General Synod members and ventures, for clergy in my Anglican deanery (I serve as Regional Dean), for Medicine Hat Evangelical Association pastors (I'm their president just now), for StB, its wardens, parish council and ministry team leaders, and for me and what I do.

It's all just a tap or two away from my iPadevotional Church of England Morning Prayer I describe here.

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