Thursday, 27 June 2013

On Missing the Bus

Just when I thought I had the 50 schedule sorted, the closing of Scholton Hill because of the flooding has caused some drivers to move a little quicker because they now have further to go. So I MISSED the bus!

There's a lesson in that. Just when I think I've got everything predictably under control change happens. The river overflows its banks, someone gets sick, someone dies. The consequences of my, or someone else's, sin rises up and smites me. You and I miss the bus in all sorts of ways. Today I get to work a half hour later.

Jesus is like the bus. He doesn't always show up exactly when we expect him or when we want him or when we think he should. His schedule is a mystery, but a schedule there is. Our challenge is not to lose heart and to be waiting at the stop when he passes by. Ultimately,  he's the only way home.

Here comes the next bus.