Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Other Half of My Bus-ness Day


Walked back to the church after the ministerial meeting, lunch and a pastoral visit in the neighborhood of the meeting venue. Would have to have waited thirty minutes for the next bus. Sigh. Would have made it to the church by the time the next bus wuld have got me there except that I stopped off for a visit to prepare for a funeral on Saturday. 


Transit takes time. It slows me down. Not a bad thing. I have more time to spend with people until the next bus is due (although I suppose the opposite can happen if I'm tempted to finish early to catch one). I can also be forced to take a break while I wait for a bus, or walk—it's less than half an hour from the hospital to the church. I have to prioritize and plan my time more carefully. 


As I've mentioned earlier, I'm wearing my collar on transit days. I think it gets me (and the church) into the community in a way travelling in my car doesn't, as does walking the streets.

Express Lane

Now alone on the 51 for most the trip heading home for a quick meal before Parish Council this evening—to which I will drive. Late. Because of flooding re-route, no doubt. Certainly room to stretch my legs out! All the way from the terminal up Dunmore with nary a stop. Like my own personal express!